Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creating Mockups with DroidDraw

DroidDraw is a free tool in java meant to help ease the life of a droid developer. I love the interface in Eclipse but nothing beats this when your on the go. It is lacking controls but works well for beginners, probably someone like you. it's not a bad tool at all, enjoy.

The first thing you should do is decide on a layout. I will select the Table Layout. Just drag the TableLayout control onto the droid interface to the left.

Posted Image

next, position the TableLayout however you want, as wide or high as you want. Our other controls will be inside here.

Posted Image

next, drag a TableRow onto the TableLayout and make sure to select the TableLayout when you drag it over.

Posted Image

now we can add some controls. Add a button by dragging it onto the TableRow you put up just a minute ago.

Posted Image

When your done, you can click the generate button at the top then copy that code into your view's XML file.

I have attached the project files to this post.

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